How to Design a Floating Locket

Are you wondering "what is a floating locket?"

Well, floating lockets originated in the USA and have fast become a popular trend in the UK. A floating locket has a similar design to a normal locket whereby they can be opened and hold precious memories, however floating lockets differ slightly in that instead of just holding a photo, they can also hold tiny little charms and birthstones inside, called floating charms.

These charms are crafted into shapes and themes, which help to tell your unique story.

The beauty of floating lockets is also with the concept of allowing you to interchange every aspect and designing one from scratch, from the locket itself, chains, charms, backplates and even extra accessories.

Our step by step guide and video showing how to assemble a floating locket will help you when designing your very own unique Pendique Lockets, floating locket.  It is a 4 part step, which guides you through to creating necklaces, bracelets, keyrings and even cufflinks.  However, for bracelets and cufflinks you will not require step 2, chains as this is only used when designing necklaces and keyrings.

Step 1 - Choose your Floating Locket (bracelets and cufflinks are ready for step 3)

Step 2 - Select your desired chain for necklaces and keyrings only

Step 3 - Pick a backplate - ensure the size of the backplate fits the size of your locket

Step 4 - Have fun selecting your range of floating charms to personalise.

and that;s it.  You have successfully designed your floating locket.

After we receive your order, we will put your floating locket together for you, package and ship to you.

You will have lots of fun from creating and choosing every aspect of your very own Floating Locket, to the joy and pleasure of receiving and opening your parcel, revealing your unique finished design.  You'll feel proud showing off your very own unique design to family and friends, knowing that 'you made it yourself'.