Jewellery Care and Advisories

Please read our handy tips to help you keep your beautiful keepsake looking it's best for longer.

  • Keep materials away from strong odours such as perfumes, aftershave, scented creams etc.
  • Remove all jewellery when washing and showering.
  • Remove items of jewellery at all times when washing, using chemicals and sprays.
  • Allow sprays and creams to dry fully before wearing Jewellery.
  • If you accidentally get any chemicals onto your jewellery, wipe immediately with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.
  • It is advisable not to sleep in jewellery as this may weaken the structure, causing breakage and loss of parts/gems.
  • Package your goods whenever possible to avoid tarnishing through air/airbourne chemicals.
  • Avoid wearing multiple items of jewellery as repetitive mixing of beads can cause scratching.
  • Jewellery is delicate. Take care not to drop or pull as this can cause damage and possible loss of parts/gems.
  • Invest in a good Jewellery polishing cloth


Safety Instructions

Children over 36 months must only wear under close adult supervision.  Not suitable for children to wear or handle under 36 months, only for keepsake purposes.

Necklace Chain Length Guide

Please feel free to use this guide when deciding on the appropriate chain length for your requirements.