How Pretty Little Keepsakes came to be...
It's been a long long road with many turns and twists along the way and so after many years of learning, growing and researching, my passion has now become a reality. 


My name is Nikki Yates, a jewellery stylist with over 10 years experience.  I am also the originator of Pretty Little Keepsakes, a unique brand specialising in custom-bespoke and engraved personalised jewellery and keepsake gifts.  All materials are carefully sourced and my handcrafted designs are created within an independent design studio based in the North West of England.


With a keen flare for creativity, especially an interest in jewellery design, I embarked on a search to source the necessary materials and tools that would enable me to begin my journey.  My first ever creation was a beautiful beaded bracelet, handmade and uniquely personalised for my close friend.  Since then, I have designed and handcrafted many pieces that have been personalised for family and friends.


Over the years, I have managed and developed businesses selling ready designed jewellery with success, however I quickly learned that these markets were becoming saturated and could be easily copied by everyone and so they no longer stood out as unique.  This was the missing piece of my puzzle.  I realised that there was definitely a gap in the market for uniqueness, handcrafting and personalisation and so with this in mind, I decided to set up a business specialising in handcrafting and designing of my own creations.  It wasn't easy and it took a lot of time to master, patience to learn, time to research and source the necessary materials and time to form relationships with suppliers whom I could wholeheartedly trust.  


With everything finally in place, I am thrilled and very proud to be able to showcase my own unique style.


I would love for you to continue to be part of my journey and growth.



Jewellery Size Guides

Please feel free to use our sizing guides when deciding on the appropriate length for your necklace, bracelet and bangle requirements.  Our guides are here as advisories only.  



 This is a simple guide to show various necklace lengths based on the average neck size  To obtain the same look and position of your necklace on the neck, please take into consideration to increase the length for larger neck sizes and reduce the length for smaller neck sizes.




Place a thin strip of paper or flexible tape measure around your neck and start the paper where you would like your necklace to sit.  Join the paper or tape till it meets the start point and then place a small mark on the paper, or simply hold the tape in-between your fingers at the meet point.  If using paper, you can then lie the paper flat and measure, or if using a tape measure you will immediately see the result in cm or inches at the point in-between your fingers.  Doing it this way will gauge a better result to the correct necklace length for you.  Take into consideration any pendants or charms that will be part of the necklace.  Lengths on products are normally for the chain only.  Necklaces may sit slightly lower if a pendant/charm is included. 




Wrap a tape measure around the wrist on which you plan to wear your bracelet. Make a note of the number at the point where the tape meets the 0. To ensure the bracelet fits comfortably, add 1.5 cm. You can then add or subtract centimeters according to whether you prefer a loose, exact or tight fit.  If you don;t have a flexible material or paper tape measure to hand, simply wrap a strip of paper around your wrist and mark off the paper where the beginning of the paper strip meets.  Then use a tape measure to measure the length in cm or inches (whichever your prefer to use)  Please allow approx 1.5cm extra if you prefer a loose fit.

Measuring your wrist to fit a bracelet



Begin by folding your thumb across your hand as far as comfortably possible.  Then with your other hand take a flexible tape measure or slim piece of paper and wrap around the widest point of you folded hand.  This will allow the bangle to slide on comfortably and sit on the wrist without falling off once your hand is open again.  Hold the paper or measuring tape at the point the tape or paper meets from the start point.  If using paper, mark off with a pen and then measure.  If using a measuring tape, hold in-between your fingers where the tape meets the start point and you will see instant results in cm or inches.  If adding extra length for comfort, we would advise not too add too much length as this could result in the bangle becoming too large and could easily slip off the wrist.

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