How Pretty Little Keepsakes came to be...
It's been a long long road with many turns and twists along the way and so after many years of learning, growing and researching, my passion has now become a reality. 


My name is Nicki Yates, a self taught jewellery designer with over 10 years experience.  I am also the owner and originator of Pretty Little Keepsakes, a unique brand specialising in custom-bespoke and engraved personalised jewellery and keepsake gifts.  All of my designs are handmade within a small independent design workshop based in Lancashire.


With a keen flare for creativity, especially an interest in jewellery design, I embarked on a search to source the necessary materials and tools that would enable me to begin my journey.  My first ever creation was a beautiful beaded bracelet, handmade and uniquely personalised for my close friend.  Since then, I have designed and handcrafted many pieces that have been personalised for family and friends.


Over the years, I have managed and developed businesses selling ready designed jewellery with success, however I quickly learned that these markets were becoming saturated and could be easily copied by anyone.  They no longer stood out as unique.  This was the missing piece of my puzzle.  I realised that there was definitely a gap in the market for uniqueness, handcrafting and personalisation and so with this in mind, I decided to set up a business specialising in handcrafting and designing of my own creations.  It wasn't easy and it took a lot of time to master, patience to learn, time to research and source the necessary materials and time to form relationships with suppliers whom I could wholeheartedly trust.  


With everything finally in place, I am thrilled and very proud to be able to showcase my own unique creations.


I would love for you to continue to be part of my journey and growth.



Necklace Chain Length Guide

Please feel free to use this guide when deciding on the appropriate chain length for your requirements.