Engraved Round Fingerprint Keyring

Size Guide
  • Suitable for up to 4 prints with names.  FREE reverse side personalised engraved message (for 1 & 2 prints only)

    Put your unique stamp on it with our range of fingerprint keepsakes.   Carry your loved ones with you wherever you go or give as a gift that is truly special and unique. 

    You have the option to engrave up to 4 fingerprints with names included. 

    Options available
    One Print: One print & name with personalised message on the reverse
    Two Prints: Two prints & names with personalised message on the reverse
    Two Prints - One  print & one name on each side  - no personalised message.

    Three Prints: Two prints and names on the front, one print and name on the reverse
    Four Prints: Two prints and names on one side, two prints and names on the reverse

    Capture your prints easily with our no mess, non toxic print kit, which comes FREE with this keyring, feel free to send us any existing prints you may have or choose to use prints from a previous order with Pretty Little Keepsakes.  You will also receive FREE professional editing of your print to remove any smudges and preparations before we craft your piece.  This is  so we can produce the best clarity results.

    Due to the nature of fingerprint crafting, clear indentations are required for best clarity results.  Children tend to develop fingerprints at different ages, so we would advise fingerprint keepsakes for adults and children over the age of 12 months.  If you are requiring keepsakes for children under the age of 12 months, our hand and foot prints are the perfect gift.

    Professionally engraved onto high polished stainless steel using an etching process.  The engraved area will reflect the light and will therefore appear lighter when in dull light and darker when in brighter light.
  • Capture your prints easily with our no mess, non toxic print kit, which comes FREE with this keyring.  Our kits include complete step by step instructions, making it simple for you to quickly follow and return your fingerprints back to us.  

    We can also use existing prints, if you have them, that can be easily and quickly uploaded to us via our online photo upload facility.  Please write each name next to their print before uploading and if ordering more than 2 prints together, please write which prints/names you require for each side so we may engrave them on the correct sides for you. 
    You may also email us at hello@prettylittlekeepsakes.co.uk or post your prints to us.  Please include your name, order number and details if choosing to email or post your prints.  

    Prints from an existing order with Pretty Little Keepsakes can also be used to create further print keepsakes with us.
    You are able to select your preference from the options available.

  • We aim to dispatch this item within 3 working days from receipt of your completed order.  Please allow a little longer during busier periods.  Our working week is Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays and seasonal / annual holidays.

    We deliver to the UK, Europe and Worldwide and also offer an express UK delivery service.   Delivery timescales are shown when checking out your order and are from the date of dispatching out your order and not from the date of ordering, as many of our pieces require time to craft.  Please see each individual product for dispatch details. Any orders containing multiple items will be dispatched together once all items have been crafted.  If you require an item sooner, please feel free to contact us. 

    Please read our Delivery & Returns policy for further information.



Please choose your preferred method for your prints.
Please upload print 1
Please enter the name required for print 1
Please upload print 2, if applicable
Please enter the name required for print 2, if applicable.
Please upload print 3, if applicable
Please enter the name required for print 3, if applicable
Please upload print 4 (if applicable)
Please enter the name required for print 4, if applicable
Enter your special engraved message here, up to 80 characters inc spaces. (for 1 & a 2 print option only). If no message is required, please leave blank.
Please choose your preferred font style for engraved names and message.

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